Job Description :
Position: Cloud Engineer
Location: Branchville, NJ
Interview: Phone & Skype
Duration: Long Term

10 + years Infrastructure Engineering or Applications Architecture across multiple disciplines.
Advanced level knowledge of multi-cloud technologies, including the automated provisioning and management of these environments with an emphasis on hybrid cloud deployment models.

IaC (Infrastructure as Code), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service Understanding of the features and capabilities of what a containerization technology can provide is key to being able to build a successful and good quality rapid deployment and support environment.

Advanced level of expertise and understanding of micro-segmentation strategies, tagging and RBAC controls and access control structures in the cloud.
Experience with multi-cloud technologies and migration, understanding of application mapping.

Experience with Docker, Kubernetes, and Azure Container Service is a plus.
Design a disaster recovery strategy for individual workloads.
Develop a framework for API integration.

Knowledge and expertise of implementing virtual machines in the cloud over SD Wan technology with a hybrid on the premise data model.
Extensive knowledge of cloud security tool sets MFA, Encryption Key vaults and native cloud security technology in Azure and AWS.

Experience configuring server less computing.
Experience with Azure AD management including Federation Services preferred.

Strong understanding of configuration management and software deployment principles, such as Puppet, Ansible, Chef and Terraform.
Expert level knowledge and experience with the implementation, optimization, automation, high-availability, and management of infrastructure services.

Experience with design and provisioning through the use of cloud management and broker services (e.g. vRealize application blueprints, Cloudforms)
Experience with deployment and engineering on-demand workloads in the hybrid cloud model, and have a deep understanding of cloud billing, tagging strategy, show back and cost controls.

Extensive experience with active scripting languages, including and especially PowerShell and Python.
Experience with source control, configuration management and deployment systems, such as Git Lab, Jenkins, Puppet, Ansible.

Solution architecture certification of Azure, AWS preferred, and a plus.
Experience with Windows and Linux and knowledge of middleware.
Experience with network principles and design.

Experience in the administration of storage/SAN, file, including forecasting, utilization, provisioning, and redundancy
College degree in computer science or a related field preferred.

Client : N/A