Job Description :

This client is not sponsoring at this time, USCit and GCs that do not require sponsorship are encouraged to apply.


Client is an American multinational conglomerate interviewing Engineers for their Digital Technologies team that seeks help installing and deploying applications in a public cloud environment.

Assist the client in producing the following work product:

Installing and deploying applications in a public cloud environment

Installing, maintaining, and patching servers for source code management
tools like GitLab or GitHub

Administering, patching, and automating tasks and integration in

Administering users/projects in Azure DevOps tools, as needed

Configuring Jira/Confluence workflows, issue types, settings

Installing, testing, supporting add-ons and Jira/Confluence plugins to
different environments (ADO, Git, CI/CD tools, Testing tools)

Documenting and creating user guides for Jira/Confluence configurations

Implementing portfolio tools (to be determined), dashboard, and other
integrations as tools evolve

Implementing self-healing environments to automate the process of
troubleshooting an application that went down- constantly automating until all
applications are as efficient as possible.

Troubleshooting the highest level of escalation for all DevOps related

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