Job Description :
Position: UI developer
Location:Seattle ,Washington

Job Description:
Most important keywords: Git, SCSS, Responsive, Bootstrap; CSS3
Optional keywords: Angular; React; TypeScript; NPM; RWD; Axure; Layout; Reusable; CMS Duties
The Front-End developer creates reusable user interface templates, layouts, and components that embrace Responsive Web Design principles.
The focus of this role will be creating reusable UI assets intended for dozens of projects using Angular, Bootstrap, and React. Experience publishing a design system in collaboration with designers and for the benefit of outside project teams is key. A collaborative and helpful attitude will be key to enabling the many project teams that depend on this work.
Responsive /Adaptive Web Design
Progressive Web Applications and what they offer
Framework distribution, including Jenkins, NodeJS, NPM and CDN
ES, TypeScript & Angular
Team configuration management (Git)
Layout frameworks including Flex, Grid, and Bootstrap
Accessible Development (WCAG Level AA)
SVG charts and Animated SVG a plus
Because they''ll be assimilating and organizing the work of others, a sense of clarity, order and structure in the work they do.
Mastery of browser compatibility, polyfills, and feature support tradeoffs.
Modular Javascript and CSS strategies (SystemJS, RequireJS, SCSS, SASS, LESS, Webpack, NPM, Transpilation, Compilation)
Layout strategies including Bootstrap 12 column vs Percentage-based
Component-based development
Front-end Testing techniques
Foresee upcoming obstacles and effort
Support and enable of the vision of designers
Plan and organize daily work
Evaluate and analyze project issues
Mentor and coach others
Evangelize best practices
Experience contributing to a reusable toolkit or framework that is shared outside of their own group.
5 years focusing on the development of front-end markup and code.
This person will need to work with designers, full stack developers, and global teams. A strong motivation to enable other teams is required. Because this individual will realize the designs of others, a strong need to realize their own creative vision may be a distraction.

Client : astir it solution