Job Description :

The major role of the developer is to
Understand the entire ecosystem of the existing web application
Develop high performing, enterprise scale, innovative end-to-end client modules
Enhance and maintain the exiting critical modules across the complete web application by working closely with customer product manager

Responsibilities of the developer:
Product security, scalability, documentation practices, code refactoring, and testing techniques/automation
Understand performance parameters and frequently assess application stability throughout its lifecycle
Monitoring the performance of the application as lot of telematic data is revolved around the modules consistently
Building modules without complete inputs with logical thinking to make sure that the functions perform as expected with minimum or no changes when the inputs are provided in future
Quickly implementing the changes if required immediately
Maintaining the code in the server and releasing the application to the production servers
Maintaining the secured data connection and authentication throughout the application
Interacting with multiple teams to get access to the database/APIs/any other secured connections required for the web page development
Providing new ideologies and improvements for upgrading the web application

Primary Skills:

Required Skills:
B.S or M.S in Computer science or related field
Over all 5+ years of experience project related experience
Experience in .Net Framework – ASP.NET, C#, HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery
Experience with database such as Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle databases
Entity Framework
Familiar with Google Map API, POSTMAN and chrome developer tools
Developing and consuming REST APIs
Implementing and consuming the OAuth authentication / any other token based authentication mechanism
Accessing either Azure/AWS cloud data
Experience in using version control tools such as Git, SVN etc
Strong testing knowledge – functional, facilitating UAT, etc
Strong technical and development skills
Object oriented development experience
Full lifecycle development
Effective communication skills

Secondary Skills:

Educational Qualifications

BS or MS