Job Description :
Role: Data Scientist.
Location: Brooklyn, Ohio.
Duration: Long Term.

Job Description:
Intensive knowledge with Linux/Unix stack and 3-5 years of hands-on experience in writing Bash/shell scripts.
Experience productionizing statistical/machine learning models using Bash scripts is a big asset.
Good knowledge with Python an R is required with experience in writing Python/R scripts for automated model scoring in production environment.
Experience developing business rules using Teradata batch scripts that processes huge volume of data
Experience using Teradata command line utilities such as BTEQ, FEXP, FASTLOAD
Experience documenting tables/column mapping and validating data sources for Data integrity
Experience working with data scientist to understand their data and system requirements
Act as a liaison between data scientist and Data team to identify/document relevant data sources (tables/columns)
Experience designing data driven system and workflow that interfaces with machine learning models
Knowledge of architecture and Design principles for data driven systems
Experience productionalizing data driven system/machine learning models.
Knowledge of machine learning algorithms and data science related work such as data cleaning/pre-processing, feature engineering etc using tools such as Scikit-learn, pandas, numpy, matplotlib, ggplot2, gbm, caret etc are nice to have