Job Description :
"ASP.NET MVC – Core, 4.6+
ASP.NET Web API – Core, 4.6+
C# - very strong (no hesitation around generics or lambdas) SQL – very strong (not just JOINS but index types, query plans, solid performance tuning skills) CI/CD – at least fundamentals. Builds, releases, automated packaging of things should be familiar territory. We have about 60 components with automated builds. We have 1 without one and we are eliminating that.
Git – we use it every day.
Message passing / queueing – use it every day. We pass messages to queues and pub/sub topics using the Azure Service Bus. MassTransit or NServiceBus experience can be substituted, but familiarity with message passing is crucial.
Unit testing – need to have practiced it and be able to provide convincing motivation for why someone would want to unit test. QA is very strong but they are also busy. We need people on the team who will test their code because they believe in doing so."