Job Description :
Responsibilities include but are not limited to: ¿ Manage
SQL Server databases through multiple product lifecycle
environments, from development to mission-critical
production systems. ¿ Manage Always On, Disaster
Recovery Environment, Replication and Azure
connectivity ¿ Configure and maintain database servers
and processes, including monitoring of system health and
performance, to ensure high levels of performance,
availability, and security. ¿ Identify and fix SQL Server
performance issues, query optimization and stored
procedure performance improvement. ¿ Independently
analyze, solve, and correct issues in real time, providing
problem resolution end-to-end. ¿ Automate database
task, Backup, Restore operations of production
databases to other environment for testing and
development purpose. ¿ Assist developers with complex
query tuning and schema refinement. ¿ Provide 24x7
support for critical production systems. ¿ Perform
scheduled maintenance and support release deployment
activities after hours. ¿ Share domain and technical
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expertise, providing technical mentorship and crosstraining to other peers and team members. ¿ Design and
develop database objects, tables, stored procedures,
views, triggers and SSIS packages. ¿ Assist development
team with complex query and schema refinement ¿
Performance tuning of stored procedures