Job Description :
Sr. Python & Hadoop developer

Bentonville, AR

9 Months Contract

Skills Required:

Very thorough understanding of Python programming language

a) Understand Python standard library

b) Able to implement basic data structures

c) Able to program with Python in different programming paradigms; e.g. Objective oriented, functional and a combination of two

Very good knowledge of Hadoop based big data tech stack

a) Need to be able to write complex Python UDFs for Spark

b) Need to understand how to write efficient queries

c) Be able to explore datasets efficiently and develop methods to work with huge datasets

Solid understanding of Linux OS

a) Be able to perform rudimentary sysadmin tasks- relaunch daemons, schedule cronjobs

Good knowledge of relational database systems

a) Design appropriate data structures for a given problem

b) Able to write code to interface efficiently with a database system

c) Understand strengths & weaknesses of relational databases and Hadoop

Excellent communication skills (both written and verbal) with strong presentation and facilitation skills

Demonstrated ability to influence and consult (providing options with pros, cons and risks) while providing thought leadership to sponsors/stakeholders in solving business process and/or technical problems

Retail Domain Knowledge