Job Description :
We''re looking for a good splunk engineer with following skills:

Installing, configuring and administering Splunk Enterprise Server and Splunk Forwarder on Linux and Windows servers.
Administering Splunk Search Heads, Indexers, Heavy Forwarders, Deployment Servers, Cluster Masters, Licensing, Master and Universal Forwarder on Linux and Windows operating systems.
Configuring the Roles, Realms and policy for the users in the SSL VPN device.
Upgrading Splunk/App version in production environments.
Building new Splunk servers/VMs for our new customers.
Splunk data migration and onboarding new Splunk instances.
Building new single-site and multi-site as well as multi-tenant environments.
Handling workload management for load balancing and failover, improving performance, reliability and scalability.
Providing support for Security Operations functions including Threat and Vulnerability Management, Incident Response, Alerting and Monitoring
Setting up Splunk Forwarders for new application tiers introduced into environment and existing applications. .
Building Splunk queries by Splunk Search Processing Language (SPL) and Regular expressions.
Correlate event logs to create more targeted dashboards and alerts views, reports, saved searches using XML, Search Processing Language (SPL) as and when required as per business requirement.
Worked on Splunk UI/GUI development and operations roles.
Created visualizations to summarize the data and dashboards for business users in organization.
Monitoring of Jobs through alert tools and responding with certain action logs, analyses the logs and escalate to high level teams on critical issues.
Analysing root cause for the issues encountered and providing on call support for all the production applications 24/7.
Managing and maintaining use cases into correlation systems.
Supporting data source configurations and management processes.
Worked on DB Connect configuration for MySQL.
Provide second level support operational staff to monitor systems and services for actionable faults as well as asset inventory.
Working with Networking and active directory groups to analyse/resolve customer access issues in production/development/test environments.
Working with firewall and connectivity issues between Splunk’s physical servers/VMs to ensure proper connectivity between servers.
Working with physical servers/VMs in case of any server to server mail/connectivity issues.
Support OS and Linux patching for Production environments and VMs.
Server status and health monitoring in production using Splunk capabilities.
New infrastructure and application architecture planning discussions.
Analyzing data network related status codes/error messages in production/development/test environments using information from Splunk’s indexed data with respect to customer Incidents/requests and providing the root cause for the errors.
Analyzing network ports and assigning them to new Splunk instance builds.
Developing Splunk dashboards and Apps for Splunk COE Customers.
Identifying the root cause and fixing customer incidents.
Leverage Splunk capabilities to be able to use it of Operational Intelligence.
Track issues via incident and problem resolutions related to the tools.
Provided technical services to user requests and data queries.
Worked to ensure Splunk is actively and accurately running and monitoring on the current infrastructure implementation.
Involved in interacting with business owners in addressing their queries, developers and business analysts in improving the application.
Worked on various defects analysis and fixed them.
Must understand the System Management area considering enterprise impacts to technical technology domains and have the ability to quickly acquire and apply related new technologies proactively and reactively working directly with 3rd level support groups/internal teams and with vendors