Job Description :
Our client is executing a project to move their legacy internet banking platform to digital experience platform. To help with this transformation, they have chosen Liferay as digital experience platform. DxP is an evolution of Content Management System (CMS In the past Liferay was also categorized as Content management System. In the past few years, they added features and elevated themselves to be a Digital experience platform – Rated #1 by Gartner.

Our client is expected to investment more in this platform. Therefore we are looking for adding team members with Liferay experience.

Liferay architects will have to be hands-on Sr. developer/Architect who can lead the technical team. Liferay developers will have to develop user interface that our members will use. Usually these are folks who are strong J2EE developers and as a part of their work, they may use Liferay. They may have other DxP/Ux experience that may be portable to Liferay. They are also referred to as UX developer/architect in the market place.

A minimum of:

6 years of solution architecture experience resulting in at least 8 of the above technical skills at the level indicated.

Acquired understanding the Bank’s vision, goals, business operations, and markets.
In-depth knowledge of at least one very large Bank application (or equivalent
Knowledge of current technological trends in the software development industry.
Good working knowledge of system integration issues between diverse platforms (PCs, UNIX, and Windows)

New role types so details are being developed
Contractor role initially but may be 2020 employee so need to have RTH option (no H1B)