Job Description :
Role: Site Reliability Engineer
Job Location:  Austin, TX
Duration:  6 months

Problem solving is a passion and they enjoy discovering the root cause of an issue. 
They work well in a team environment to solve complex problems.
They have experience working alongside the operations and development team to ensure speedy and reliable software deployments, ensuring applications are provisioned with monitoring, and has a proven record of improving overall reliability of a platform. 
In addition, We want someone that has the ability to discover and document system bugs, with some motivation to go off and fix them within scope. 
Experience participating in the complete agile software life cycle including planning, scrums, sprints, and frequent software releases. 
A strong understanding of configuration management and infrastructure as code to ensure consistency across multiple environments. Most importantly, the most important skill is an ability to learn and pick up new technologies while inspiring others to follow suit.
Strong relevant experience software integration and/or test
Strong grasp of the command line (Linux and Windows)
Automating tasks by writing quality code
Strong coding skills (Java, Javascript, shell scripting, Powershell, Python)
Configuration managements tools (cloud native – Azure and AWS)
Monitoring complex systems (AppDynamics, New Relic – APMs, trace monitoring and systems monitoring – log aggregation – ELK and visualization)
Automation tools (Jenkins, VSTS, Chocolatey)
Source-control systems