Job Description :

Additional qualifications and abilities needed:
- Skilled in full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) - identifying the requirements and mapping business rules to user requirements
- Develop applications using Microsoft .NET Technologies such as CNET, Visual Basic.NET, ASP.NET and SQL Server
- Ability to develop, maintain and enhance SharePoint Intranet platform
- Ability to understand, and validate requirements, and model solutions that meet both functional and non-functional SharePoint requirements
- Ability to analyze user needs and software requirements to determine and build ideal SharePoint solutions
- Develop SharePoint Framework webparts using NPM, React JS, Yeoman etc.
- Ability to build SharePoint hosted apps using CSOM, SPServices, REST API etc., and deploy them to on-premise and cloud environments
- Ability to create provider-hosted apps to leverage the legacy ASP.NET applications and create new applications using MVC.NET, Entity Framework, jQuery and AngularJS
- Develop Application pages and deploy them to SharePoint 2016 on-premise environment
- Ability to implement custom solutions consuming various REST and WCF Services. Build UI components parsing JSON returned by AJAX calls made to these services
- Ability to create custom HTTP Handlers and ASMX Web Services for handling cross domain requests and performing other CRUD operations on SharePoint Lists and Libraries
- Ability to build Restful services using Web API’s and use these services in different applications to fetch the data from external line of business systems
- Ability to Brand SharePoint sites by customizing Master Pages and Page Layouts using SharePoint Designer to maintain consistent look and feel across the sites
- Ability to design and develop responsive websites using Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3
- Ability to build applications using advanced JavaScript concepts like Promises, closures etc
- Ability to manipulate metadata and customize the look and feel of the forms, views using CSR JSlink
- Ability to use OOTB Search based webparts like Content Search and Search Results webparts and develop Display Templates to customize the look and feel of search results
- Develop complex search-based applications using KQL, C#, XSLT and JavaScript
- Create complex workflow processes using SharePoint Designer
- Work with O365 features like OneDrive, Delve, Yammer etc.
- Create custom solutions like Event Receivers, Application pages, Time Jobs and webparts using C#, ASP.Net, ADO.NET and Visual Studio
- Ability to build synchronous and asynchronous event receivers and associate them to different content types and lists
- Develop Timer Jobs to automate different SharePoint processes and schedule them to run on a regular basis
- Create web parts connecting to different external databases like SQL Server, DB2 etc.

Conference Call Notes:
Scope of project/Team:
Looking for a SharePoint Developer. They are currently working on SharePoint 2016 and will move to SharePoint Online later.

Must have skills:
7+ years of experience with SharePoint Development experience.
Experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Experience with C# & .Net

- Write complex SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers in SQL Server
- Develop complex PowerShell scripts to automate processes and deployments
- Ability to create User Experience (UX) standards across multiple SharePoint site collections for both layout and interactivity
- Performing unit tests on the applications and all the affected systems based on the defined test cases
- Work with change management systems to deploy code and manage solutions
- Monitor the performance and utilization of SharePoint to ensure uptime and performance metrics meet required targets
- Address the technical issues in accordance to scope, timeline and budgetary parameters
- Work with user issues raised through ticketing system
- Troubleshoot problems and issues encountered by system users, suggest resolutions and resolve issues
- Ability to work with SharePoint administration team for deploying the solutions developed
- The ability to communicate and train end users on different processes and applications developed

Sumith M

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