Job Description :
Project Description:

Seeking integration of our current systems (Point and Salesforce) with Risk Control Technologies (RCT) loss control software. This involves transformation of data from web services (microservices) into XML files to be consumed by RCT. RCT’s web service interface will accept an XML request which will then populate the RCT database. Both client and agency data will be acceptable parameters for the request. The data needed to be transformed includes Client, Agency, and Survey information. This will be a daily feed to RCT for any new clients, agents, etc.

Overall scope of work is defined as the following:

Client/Agency Data

The old RCT service will need to be refactored and included as a microservice.
Everything in the existing Account, Policy, and Unit services should be sufficient to provide the same info the old RCT service was pulling.
Agency service will be new. This will interface with an existing agency service in Salesforce, but that will need to be modified to include additional information.
This should be enough to generate the Agency and Client data files needed by RCT.
Survey Data

Requirement mappings will need to be completed to determine exactly what is required for Survey data. Assumption is Survey data is all policy info and would end up being a modification to the Policy service to attain additional info.
Mapping would need to included transformation from POINT to our Policy domain and from our Policy domain to RCT domain (Survey Data


Three (Java) XML based integrations in RCT format based on the description above.
Work with development teams to base standards and tools used to develop, test and release.
Technical documentation based in Confluence space.
Test plans and test results delivered.

Resource Expectations from vendor:

Java, API services, Jenkins, SVN\Git experience
Microservices experience preferred
Able to work with 3rd party vendor on behalf during implementation