Job Description :
Roll: Columbus, OH - IT - DAS - Senior Architect 2/SAR2
Duration:6+ months
Face to face must
Senior Architect
The Senior Architect is responsible for designing, developing, and
implementing application infrastructure to provide highly-complex, reliable,
and scalable applications and systems to meet the organization''s objectives
and requirements. Senior Architects are familiar with a variety of the
application technologies, environments, concepts, methodologies, practices,
and procedures and rely on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish
goals. Senior Architects are able to perform a variety of complicated tasks
with minimal or no direct supervision. They have proven experience defining
systems and application architecture and provide vision, problem
anticipation, and problem solving ability to organization. They consult with
the client to define needs or problems, conduct research, perform studies
and surveys to obtain data, and analyze problems to advise on or recommend
solutions, utilizing knowledge of theory, principles, or technology of
specific discipline or field of specialization.
* SAR2
Years of Relevant Experience:
5 years software development, testing, and project management
Preferred Education:
4 year college degree in computer science or related field with advanced
study preferred.
Role Description:
* Manages, organizes, and administers systems analysis and preparation
of applications and operating systems programming to process data and solve
problems by use of computers.
* Maintains the current system (OBG 2.0) and repaper the system for
major planned upgrade (OBG 3.0)
* Responsible for documentation of current design of the OBG 2.0
* Assist management in developing prototype mockups of the new
enhances OBG 3.0 system
* Lead code reviews and design efforts on the current systems to
prepare for migration to the new system
* Analyze current work flow processes for efficiency and redundancy
* Work with stakeholders and management to ensure projects are
completed on time according to organization standards
* Establishes priorities and schedules, and oversees and reviews work
of systems analysis personnel and programming personnel.
* Reviews feasibility studies and time and cost estimates of new or
revised systems.
* Assists in the development of standards, procedures, and operating
systems applications.
* A combination of directly-related technical training and hands-on
* Consults with personnel in other information systems groups to
coordinate activities.
* Consults with management to clarify systems and programs intent,
identify problems, suggest changes, and determine extent of application
systems changes required.
* Participates in developing a project plan and schedule with key
milestones, contingency plans, workflow charts or diagrams, considering
factors, such as resource requirements, computer storage capacity and speed,
extent of peripheral equipment, and intended use of output data.
* Manages conversion of workflow charts to language that can be
processed by computer and entering of program codes and test data into
* Analyzes test runs on computer and supervises correction of coded
program and input data.
* Manages the revision of existing programs to increase operating
efficiency or adapt to new requirements.
* Compiles documentation of program development and subsequent
* Trains subordinates in systems analysis, feasibility studies,
programming, and program coding.
* Prescribes standards for terms and symbols used to simplify
interpretation of programs.
* Collaborates with computer manufacturers and other users to develop
new programming methods.
* Prepares records and reports.