Job Description :
Hello All,
Please go through the job description & let me know your interest.

Position: Security Architect
Location: NYC
Duration: 6+ months

Requisition Details:-
Linux operating system experience using command line interface. (ssh, scp, cron jobs

Basic network Technologies:
Experience using, ipconfig, ifconfig, IPv4, ping, netstat –rn
TCPdump and wireshark capture experience (mandatory)
TCP handshake understanding and TCP Flags understanding (PUSH, FIN, RST, ACK)
UDP vs TCP differences.

SIEM experience with QRadar or Splunk (Any SIEM will do)
(Syslog protocol, Server agents, Log filtering, Netflows, JFlows, Rule and offense configuration, Log parsing and field

extraction using REGEX

Software Development in support of automation.
(Python scripting, REGEX