Job Description :
Project abstract
The project goal is to integrate Driver Information components
(Cluster and HUD) to the SYNC Infotainment system running on the NXP
SoC. Two cores NXP SoC is using for the low-end solution, four cores
NXP SoC is using for the high-end solution.

SYNC - QNX-based IVI platform developed by Ford Motor Company

SYNC, VSEM, C/C++, JIRA, Elvis, Git, Yocto build system, Jenkins

Product owner for Body Control Modules:
- Creating BCM Software components technical documentation in the VSEM
(Ford’s version control system)
- Business-logic of BCM Software components development and implementation
- Conducting research and technical expertise to select the Tier 1
supplier for different BCM components development(HMI)
- Implementation plan development in cooperation with the Tier 1 supplier
- Tracking the Tier 1 supplier Software development and the Tier 1
supplier product documentation reviews
- Conducting diverse types of various system components testing to
identify and report integration issues
- Investigating encountered issues between Ford’s and Tier 1
supplier’s Software components

Functional Safety Engineer for Driver Information:
- Created a presentation for the entire development team about
ISO26262 automotive functional safety standard
- Functional Safety plan documentation development
- DIA (Development Interface Agreement) documentation development
- FSR (Functional Safety Requirements) documentation development
- Functional Safety Verification and Validation documentation development
- The Tier 1 supplier’s Software verification and validation from the
Functional Safety perspective
- Participating in Functional Safety assessments to ensure the Ford’s
Software development flow is following ISO 26262 standard