Job Description :


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Location - Remote

Looking for experience in - mfg/distribution/retail domain experience

Experience with  - facts and dimensions, data entities, data modelling

  1. Participate in workshops across the processes to define master data needs across the processes for product, customer, supplier and other data entities in Front, Middle and Back office areas.
  2. Define Life Cycle for master data entities (product, customer and supplier) and validate it with GPOs and Data Office stakeholders.
  3. Document Life Cycle journey for Front, Middle and Back Office and validate it with GPOs and Data Office stakeholders.
  4. Collaborate with DDP platform teams to define master data requirements such as attributes, granularity, cross-reference, hierarchy/taxonomy etc. to facilitate business processes and cross system integrations.
  5. Define integration needs between MDM platform and source as well as consuming DDP platforms.
  6. Create user stories for MDM and data requirements, add them to product backlogs and facilitate prioritization based on MVP1 timelines and DDP platforms’ dependencies and criticality.
  7. Support CPOs and contribute to create user stories related to Data entities and corresponding integration with Data Lake.
  8. Create Data Flow Diagrams (DFDs) and Entities Relationship Diagrams (ERDs) for end-to-end representation of data journey for across Customer, Product, Supplier and other entities in Front Office, Back and Middle office.
  9. Review, Revise & Finalize the DFDs with GPOs, CPOs, SME and IT Leaders.
  10. Work with GPOs to identify KPIs and analytics requirements, gather and analyze data, as required



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