Job Description :
Understand the requirement clearly
from the client and business users and
provide a working solution for the
Analyze the high-level design
documents with a view to identify test
scenarios and to generate test cases.
Develop lightning components which
include UI Component, Client-side
controller, and helper in JavaScript,
Server-side Controller (Apex Classes),
Events (application/component) for
various functional needs in the
Integrate salesforce application with
external system using REST API by
developing REST services and callout
Configure user profiles and permission
Create workflow rules, approval
processes, process using Process
builders as per business need
Create Reports and Dashboards as per
the customer requirements.
Evaluate Business Requirements and
recommend sound solution between
declarative vs custom development
Involve in design and code review
Deploy the code changes in different
environments for testing (QA, SIT) and
finally to production environment through
Manage, analyze, and implement the
project following the Agile SCRUM
Methodology throughout the entire
application development lifecycle;
facilitate several meetings such as Daily
Review, and SPRINT Retrospective
Estimate effort with Scrum master and
product owner and facilitate them in
creating the stories/tasks in JIRA during
Assist QA during testing and executing
test cases and scripts
Manage defects and risks by keeping
issue log up-to-date in JIRA and escalate
defect(s) and issue(s) as needed in the
Target Process
Provide post-p roduction support.