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Cloud Computing Basics / Introduction to ITIL / Service Now Overview and Introduction
Account creation and UI components / Forms and List / Plugins / Tables and Field and Columns
Core Configuration of Service Now Forms and Lists / User Administration / Introduction to Knowledge / Service Catalog / Import Sets / System Upgrades / Create SLA & Schedule / Events and Notifications and Scheduled Jobs / Access Control List / working with Reporting / Configuring Dictionary / SDLC & Agile Methodology / Applications are covered

Robotic Process Automation::

1) Automation Anywhere tool

What You Can Automate?
Automation Anywhere Enterprise Overview
Automation Anywhere Control Room: Control Room / Development Client / Runtime Client
Automation Anywhere Architecture. Automation Anywhere UI. Auto Login
Schedule and Trigger. Folder Structure - Task Bots - Overview on Task Editor - Recorder Overview
Variables - Naming Conventions - RPA Course Content - Commands Overview
Exception Handling - Command Portability - Automation Friendly Formats
Automation Anywhere Enterprise Data Security Features
Automation Anywhere Reusable Components
Logging - How to use Following points in AA :: Excel Macros: VB Script
Automation Anywhere New Features: IQ Bot :: Meta Bot :: Web Control Room
Real time Project and Examples

2) Blue Prism Tool

Pre- requisite
Supported operating system / Microsoft .NET Framework / SQL Server or SQL Expressinstalled
Introduction - Blue Prism Tool Quick overview (Home, Studio,
Control, Dashboard, Releases, System Process studio, Object studio
Working with browser based application.
Overview of control room. Working with browser based application.
Read data from data item and store that into collection. Sending email to gmail/outlook
Working with Windows based application. Introducing Work Queue – Queue management
Working with credentials – new, edit, delete . Import (process or business object)
Working with excel. Collection comparison. Creating circular paths. Working with region mode/surface automation. Working with region mode/surface automation. Run mode. Dashboard
working with SAP Application. Environment locking. Internal business object – acquire lock, query lock, Release lock. Working with Code stage. Working with alert stage. system - options overview
working with scheduler. Working with dynamic match type – demonstrate on web application and thin client application. Sending emails to outlook and reading emails. Working with mainframe application

3) UIPath

RPA Demo , UIPath Interface, Worflows, UIPath Core Activities, Variables, Data Types
Excel and Data Table, Recording, Advanced UI Interaction, Selectors, Input and Scraping Methods, DataScraping , PDF, String Methods, Environment variables, Files and Folders, Email Automation, Debugging & Exception Handling, SAP Automation, Citrix\Remote Desktop Automation
WebServices, Trigger Project, Terminal Emulator, Re-Framework, Orchestrator, Project -Explanation


Introduction / Basic Python Syntax / String Handling / Operators / Conditional statements
Looping Statements / Control Statements / Collections / Functions / Modules / Packages

2) Advanced Python
File Handling / Oops concepts / Classes and Objects / Inheritance and Polymorphism
Abstract classes and Interfaces / Exception Handling / Regular Expressions
MultiThreading / Network Programming / Database Connectivity
Python XML and JSON parsers / Graphical User Interface / Data analytics
Introduction to Python web framework


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