Job Description :
Title: SDET (C#, Azure)
Duration : Long Term

Automation of the test environment deployment

This job entails:
- Creating an inventory of Azure resources used during end-to-end test runs for each SDK (C, C#, Java, Node, and Python)
- Updating existing e2e test environment deployment scripts (bash + Power Shell) to reflect these resources for each SDK. This includes creating brand new scripts for features we haven’t automated yet.
- Automate the deployment of these e2e test environments so that we can
Deploy to any region, including canary and dogfood regions (non-public regions) and government clouds in less than 20 minutes
Revisit (if necessary) the scripts architecture to enable running them in Azure Devops
Stand up Azure Devops jobs to create test environments using these scripts
Stand up Azure Devops jobs to tear down test environments

The ideal candidate will have a very strong scripting and automation background and demonstrated proficiency with scripting technologies (bash and Power Shell), Azure ARM, the Azure CLI, and Azure Devops (in that order of importance The candidate shall be able to operate autonomously, require little to no supervision and have the ability to identify and communicate with key stakeholders for each SDK team directly. A good understanding of devops processes would be a huge plus.

Client : Zen3-Direct Client