Job Description :
Healthcare BA
Location: Reston, VA
Job type: Fulltime

Must have:

Healthcare domain experience- heavy
Agile- Product Owner related experience
Workflow management
9+ years of total experience

Responsibility: Problem and Scope Definition:-
Support formulation of problem statement and definition of scope
– Drill down beyond the problems surface to understand root cause
– Construct problem statement including problem description
– Identify key stakeholders and construct stakeholder analysis i.e. how they are affected
– Contribute to project planning and effort estimation within scope
– Support the identification of risks and mitigation approaches

Requirements Gathering:-
Demonstrate exceptional requirement-gathering skills, leveraging clear direction from engagement management
– Support requirement gathering sessions
– Organize and sequence requirements into a user requirements document
– Write well-formed, validated requirements and manage changes
– Use appropriate tools to record, track and manage requirements

Business Analysis:-
Review and analyze relevant documentation to ensure the understanding of an organizations function and capabilities
Conduct relevant research to increase understanding in support of developing comprehensive solutions
Logically structure recommendations and supporting data to formulate a solid, logical and understandable business case
Utilize appropriate business modeling techniques to represent and graphically depict various activities, processes and data. These could include:
– Business process modeling
– Process flow modeling
– Data flow modeling
– Stakeholder analysis