Job Description :
QA Tester with Scrum (594692)
2 Months
Desmoines, IA
Phone + In-person interview(F2F)

Short Description:
DHS is seeking a Tester to work with the new Agile collaborated team.

Complete Description:
These positions are for testers who can work at a quick & accurate pace. The successful candidate works closely with the systems implementation team as part of the new Agile collaborated team of DHS.
Working on testing the enhancements for Iowa- DHS provided a self-service portal, which is used by the citizens to submit the online applications to get the DHS provided programs like (Medicaid and Food Assistance programs
These candidates will eventually work on testing changes resulting in moving Food Assistance and FIP from the Mainframe Legacy System to the ELIAS – ABMS system.

Scrum Team Tester-Role Responsibilities:
Develop manual test scripts, test conditions, input test data, and expected results for application product integration, and user acceptance test phases.
Develop, update, and maintain testing standards and procedures,
Working with Basic SQL queries to do the required data analysis for testing front end screens.
Execute test scripts and log defects,
Work with the application team in Agile Development Cycles (sprints) to resolve any issues that arise out of the testing process,
Participate in the Agile Development Cycles (sprints) to ensure that solutions meet business requirements Validate product fixes,
Inform the test lead of any issues that may affect the schedule, budget, or quality of the product or the testing process,

At least 3 years of experience testing custom/ERP systems
Minimum 1-year experience with full Software Development Lifecycle
Experience with Rational test tools as a nice to have.
Desired experience in Worksoft, Microfocus, or other regression testing tools.


Experience testing custom/ERP systems Desired 3 Years
Experience with full Software Development Lifecycle. Desired 1 Years
Experience in Work-soft, Micro- focus, or other regression testing tools. Desired 1 Years
Experience with Rational test tools Nice to have

Question 1
The Contractor must report any disciplinary action, misdemeanor or felony convictions to the State for any temporary IT staff provided. Do you agree to this requirement?
Question 2
Absences greater than two weeks MUST be approved by CAI Management in advance, and contact information must be provided to CAI so that a resource can be reached during his or her absence. The client has the right to dismiss the resource if she or he does not return to work by the agreed upon date. Do you accept this requirement?
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This requirement falls under the e-RTR process. The candidate MUST submit their Right to Represent electronically following the process to be considered. Do you accept this requirement?
Question 4
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Question 5
The client is ONLY scheduling IN-PERSON INTERVIEWS for this position. They will be scheduling interviews on [5/24, 5/28, 5/29]. ONLY SUBMIT CANDIDATES who can EASILY ATTEND an IN-PERSON INTERVIEW on one of these dates if selected to interview.
Question 6
*PLEASE NOTE: The client strongly prefers candidates able to come for an IN-PERSON INTERVIEW so first preference will be given as such *
Question 7
Please provide candidates CURRENT LOCATION here:
Question 8
* SKILL MATRIX is entered on the CANDIDATE SKILLS TAB only. Is this requirement understood?
Question 9
* IMPORTANT REMINDER: a) Candidates that have the skills matrix included on the resume WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. b) Candidates that have the skills matrix uploaded on a separate document included WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.
Question 10
The candidate''s LEGAL NAME - FIRST and LAST should be accurately entered into the DETAILS tab before submitting the profile. Please verify that accurate information got entered in the appropriate fields.