Job Description :
The QA Technical Lead will provide technical support and advice to the QA Technical Manager, Consortium, and Counties. Activities may include, but are not limited to:

· Reviewing the DD&I Vendor Deliverables with a focus on technical and operational industry standards and project specifications.

· Providing technical support for review of the CalSAWS System and DD&I Vendor responsibilities.

· Ensuring adherence to the technically related processes and procedures documented in the project plans.

· Certifed AWS: Solution Arch, plus others?

· Identifying, recording, and escalating risks and issues as appropriate, and making recommendations for issue resolution/escalation tracking.

· Monitoring the overall success of the CalSAWS technical solution.

· Understanding and reviewing the overall CalSAWS architecture including infrastructure, cloud environment, configuration management, data management, networks, and applications to ensure adherence to requirements.

· Validating system sizing and performance metrics and assumptions.

· Tracking of industry changes in technology and their effect on CalSAWS.

· Reviewing and analyzing all aspects of CalSAWS System Security.

· Reviewing all application software releases involving software or configuration changes.

· Verifying and validating technical and database change requests for system settings.

· Reviewing and recommending improvements to database standards and procedures.

· Reviewing direct SQL overrides of normal system activity (i.e., for mass update of records or addressing incorrect actions that occurred as a result of a system deficiency

· Updating QA and Consortium management on deviations from technical requirements.

· Recommending potential upgrades to ensure performance remains within defined Service Level Agreement parameters.

· Reviewing performance monitoring, availability and capacity planning.

· Being primary responsible for the creation and submission of:

· QA Security Review Plan

· Quarterly QA Security Report (Quarterly)

· Assessment of DD&I Vendor CalSAWS General Design (Page/Report/Correspondence Changes Per Requirement) deliverables

· Assessment of DD&I Vendor Application Development Preparation and Installation Plan

· Assessment of DD&I Vendor CalSAWS Business Architecture Design

· Contributing to other QA deliverables, including but not limited to:

· Assessment of DD&I Vendor CalSAWS Requirements Traceability Matrix (initial and updates)

· Assessment of DD&I Vendor CalACES Master Conversion Plan

· Assessment of DD&I Vendor CalWIN/CalSAWS Master Conversion Plan and updates

· Assessment of DD&I Vendor C-IV Deployment Readiness Plan

· Assessment of CalWIN Implementation Support Vendor CalWIN Deployment Readiness Plan

· Contributing to the QA Monthly Status Report.

· Identifying and recommending technical improvements.

· Escalating risks and issues to the QA Technical Manager and QA Project Manager.