Job Description :
Are you a person that can see every new scratch, ding or dent on your car?
Can you feel when your computer is about to break?
If you have an eye for detail, you might be ready for a career as a quality assurance (QA) analyst.
QA analysts look at products, systems and materials to make sure there are no defects, and make sure that it is made to company standards. QA analysts work in many different fields, from the food industry to transportation, ensuring quality products leave the manufacturer on the way to consumers
When substandard items are detected, QA analysts will reject those pieces and make notes to make sure it does not happen again. Some may recommend procedure changes or line changes to ensure that quality is kept up.

As Quality Assurance Analyst you are responsible for supporting the planning, design and execution of system testing on simple to complex implementations.

The QA Analyst works collaboratively within the IT department and business units to execute and validate test cases based upon system requirements.

Other responsibilities include:
Develop test plans, test cases, test scripts and test reports on multiple projects of varying size.
Perform testing on various software, telecom and reporting systems.
Validate that user expectations are achieved during the testing process.
Review user requirements documents to ensure that requirements are testable.

You can get started as a QA analyst with a high school diploma, but getting specialized training in your desired field will greatly help your chances of getting a job.

To apply for the Quality Analyst positions, please send an email with your resume and contact information to or call.