Job Description :
Position : Python Developer
Location: Center Valley, PA
Need PP number and Current client Id.

Position Requirements
Proficiency and strong experience writing well-structured Python modules that operate in an enterprise application
Understanding of what it means to structure shared-development Python projects in terms of common functions, shared functionality, and component specific functions.
Experience with developing within a cloud-based serverless architecture (preferably – AWS)
An understanding of architectural patterns associated with a services-based application
Well-versed in working in a continuous-integration/continuous-deployment (CI/CD) environment – preferably based on Maven and Jenkins
An understanding of the principles and importance of good testing and unit-test code coverage. Adept at unit-testing frameworks.
Good working knowledge of interaction with RDBMS’s and SQL coding.
Demonstrate a strong understanding of how to develop secure software that does not present the risk of exposing our applications to malicious and/or errant use.
Demonstrate an understanding of the principles associated with non-functional requirements such as performance, scalable, and high availability

General Skills
A self-starter, someone who shows initiative to perform research and who can overcome obstacles on their own. But, someone smart enough to know when they need help and will appropriately reach out to team members.
A team player. Someone who can work within the standards and norms set by the team. At the same time, someone who has the confidence to willingly share their thoughts and be an active participant in team discussions & brainstorming.
A person who puts the objectives of “the team” over their personal preferences. Someone who is focused on the success of the team
Good verbal and written skills.
Experience working on enterprise level programs. An understanding of the drivers, intricacies, and complexity associated with a solution that will service a diverse audience and provide value for an enterprise.
Experience with following an agile/scrum methodology. Comfortable with delivering business value in 2-week sprints.
Understanding of D&B data is a definite plus, but not to the extent that it overrides the need for technical competencies.