Job Description :
Position Title: Project Manager
Location: Chicago, IL.
Duratin: LONG TERM

Dynamic Interactive Business System Inc. is looking for a Project Manager for its Direct Client in Springfield, IL.

Requirements (All Mandatory):-

- Ensure the project follows the designated project methodology and ensure all work has been defined and documented and adheres to best practices.
- Coordinate all project activities, facilitate sessions to close any related gaps that are identified and monitor all aspects of project development on behalf of CCC while acting a liaison between the project team, Office of Information Technology (OIT), the end users, the steering committee and other parties to be determined.
- Ensure adherence to federal and state rules and regulations relative to developing and constructing a project.
- Develop, review and monitor a master resource schedule and project plan to ensure that the project is completed on time and on budget.
- Define all quality targets, standards, assurances and control procedures.

Client : Direct Client Requirement