Job Description :
Identifies and develops internal areas of opportunities through the DMAIIC methodology and tools of Excellency in processes with the purpose of reducing the manufacturing cost of the new products prior to product launch and continue with the culture of continuous improvement comprehended in the business strategy. Under limited supervision, general direction, and in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local laws/regulations. This position identifies, designs and develops the necessary equipment related to new product development. Performs material tests. Studies the existing processes to implement improvements on new products. Is responsible for preparing and managing specifications. Assists technicians and engineers about unusual problems. Responsible for purchasing and designing. Ensuring that equipment meets safety and environment requirements.

Performs activities of process/product validation. Can supervise, coordinate and technically revise the work of a limited group of technicians. Responsible for communicating business related issues or opportunities to next management level. Responsible for ensuring subordinates follow all Company guidelines related to Health, Safety and Environmental practices and that all resources needed to do so are available and in good condition. Responsible for ensuring personal and Company compliance with all Federal, State, local and Company regulations, policies, and procedures. Performs other duties assigned as needed.

Should have knowledge of good manufacturing practices and documentation, preferably in the medical industry, experiment design, SPC knowledge, management of statistical procedures, and knowledge of computer programs.

Must be qualified in Engineering, any specialty, and having a Masters in Science is recommended. Should have five to nine years of experience in a similar position, and experience in the medical industry, preferably.