Job Description :
Job Description:

Mission with Power BI
is to empower our department (BI developers and analysts) to be able to provide next-level self-service, prototyping, and development capabilities.
We want to collaborate with experts and power users throughout the rest of our company to accomplish the same data discovery, analysis, and development goals.
And at production scale, we want to be able to securely host and publish, those solutions to our audience on a variety of platforms.

A developer who’s well versed in both Power BI and best practices regarding data warehouse (or other) semantic layers.
Here is the list we’ve been working from of what we’re hoping to accomplish
Evaluation (Mobile and Cloud)
Ability to limit access to VPN connected devices only
Feature Parity
Ability to embed Power BI components into existing solutions
Viability of Power BI''s ability to successfully replace existing homegrown solutions - POC replacement of in-house dashboard(s)
Cost / Performance
Cost estimate for data transfer to/from Azure and AWS
Estimated cost analysis Power BI (premium capacity)
Load testing / Performance evaluation
Evaluate Dashboard "styling" templates - for cross company development and presentation consistency
Creation of Power BI report and dashboard templates (specific to business domain)
Mobile friendly (deployment and usability)
Ability to consume streaming data for real-time analytics from sources like Elastic search or CLP
Ability to create a true self-service environment with drag-n-drop features providing insights on measures with very little configuration required by the user
API to expose the Semantic Data layer
Real-world testing of collaborative development methodologies and infrastructure / best practices
Power BI data integration with 3rd Party Cloud SAAS platforms e.g. Workday, Salesforce
In Parallel creation of a Semantic Layer (CIASL) as well as a Data University as one potential data source
Can implement applied data governance
‘Azure AS’ as a data source
Use of Power BI as a universal and conformed semantic layer(s) containing models with relationships and measures defined in them, thus making CIASL just an inventory of SL objects
Configurations / Best practices
Define guidelines for creation of PBI Workspaces
Define rules for who should be allowed to create Workspaces
Define guidelines for security of PBI Workspaces (members, contributors, Admins) Sharing