Job Description :
Performance Engineer
Location: San Francisco
Duration: 6+ months

Focus on performance on their website. Using tools to measure the performance
Tools in place – Speed Curve, new relic, web metrics, analyzing web metrics and make recommendations on how to improve those metrics
Create a performance budget, build into QA process,
Plus if they have web coding experience – using JavaScript, knowing how to do it, html, css, are all plus but not requirement.
Need to be passionate about web performance
Implementing measuring tools, paying attention to the measurements that come back.

Senior Performance Engineer: Job Description
The Senior Performance Engineer (Contractor) is a new role for our web properties and will be driving performance optimization for client’s marketing websites. The Senior Performance Engineer will help us answer the question How can we improve the performance of our website?

This position requires a high level of expertise in web performance optimization, caching, multiplexing, cache header optimization and CDN. The primary focus of this role would be to audit and drive improvements to performance of our websites. You will be working with our Web Platform Team and will work closely with a team of SRE’s and Web developers.

Key responsibilities

Benchmark and baseline performance using the right rendering metrics

Design, setup and manage front end optimization rules to improve site performance

Prioritize optimization efforts

Audit page performance using tools such as Lighthouse and WebPageTest

Identify and implement content delivery based on browsers and devices

Work with platform team in driving continuous performance improvements of our web properties

Analyzing critical rendering path performance

Automation of tasks such as reports or analysis performance & CDN metrics

Performance analysis to identify bottlenecks & design appropriate optimizations

Analyze runtime performance

Drive JavaScript execution optimization

Required Skills & Experience

CDN & Front End Optimization expertise

5+ years experience in technology roles in ecommerce / Digital

Minimum of 3 years’ experience in front end optimization & configuring CDNs

Experience using Chrome DevTools for analyzing performance

Experience with WebPage Test

Strong understanding of front end optimization concepts, Networking, Caching etc

Strong understanding of HTTP protocol and SSL management

Experience with AWS stack

Proficient in scripting language(s) to help automate

Experience using monitoring tools such as Splunk or equivalent.

Bachelor or advanced degree in IT, Computer Science, Engineering or related field (or related experience)