Job Description :
Position: PHP Developer
Location: Fairfield, NJ
Duration: Contract/Full Time

Job Description

Extensive usage of PHP and CodeIgniter framework to develop web pages and writing code using MVC methodology.
Involved in implementing the complete application in the in-build MVC architecture.
Designing and developing web applications using HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery and other technologies.
Developed, tested, and maintained current systems written in php and CodeIgniter.
Writing and implementing code to support cross browser compatibility.
Testing and debugging code using browser developer tools.
Schedule the script to run crontab and provide communication to patients and practice through letters and faxes.
Generating email notifications using SMTP mail class of PHP.
Peer code review of the development actions as well as test case review of the test cases created by QA.
API testing using Postman and end to end testing.
Working closely with database to check data is passing from front end.
Checking request sent and response coming back from database using logs and communicating with database to implement new functionalities.
We use wrappers to retrieve data from Database.