Job Description :
Job Description :
Modules: Mostly OM and AR
Version: 11.5.9
Client is on a highly customized version of 11.5.9. The majority of the work will be PL/SQL Development .
There are three projects in the pipeline:

Rebranding –
In the past, we’ve had to change a bunch of Report Titles and there was some integration or data which needed to reflect the name change
New Warranty solution – This is getting warranty orders to flow through OM as well as integration work. We have middleware called Tibco
which will handle all the actual integration, but I need Oracle developers to get the data to Tibco and accept data from Tibco and process the data.
Mostly stored procs and being able to process orders (OM) and bill orders (AR
Clarus (Loyalty Program) – very similar to the warranty solution as we will be processing orders from a 3rd party through our OM and AR,
with possibly some AP changes