Job Description :
Skills: EDM, ETL, OCR
Duration: 12 Month(s)
Location: Miami FL
Interview Mode: Telephonic, Skype


Job description:
Solid knowledge of DBMS fundamentals \ 8+ years’ experience as a DBA with Oracle. Ability to identify and solve performance issues \Proven knowledge of the UNIX/Linux operating system

Required Skills:
Minimum 8 years’ experience with database automation tools or creation of scripts.
Minimum 8 years Data Technology experience to include Enterprise Data Management (for example, Data Modeling, Data Governance, Master Data Management, Meta Data Management, Data Architecture, or Data Warehouse, ETL
Bachelor''s Degree or equivalent experience.

Preferred Qualifications:
Understanding of data models and entity relationship diagrams.
Knowledge and experience in database design and administration.
Data modeling or design experience; Analytics or Data Mining.
"Industry " Data Models (i.e., IBM, Teradata, ADRM
Data Quality tools (i.e., Informatica, Trillium, IBM QualityStage, SAS/DataFlux)
Business Intelligence Competency Centers (BICC
Platforms (Linux, VMWare, Amazon AWS, Oracle, Couchbase, Cassandra, Liquibase, GoldenGate


-Data Guard - Active Data Guard
-Snapshop standby, Physical Standby
-Failures and resolve issues on the data guard
-What steps need to install one OLTP database.
-Init parameters on the database
-Flash Back - Archivelog
-Check the alert log
-Network issues in Data Guard
-Steps to Recover archivelog on the standby database without backup.
-Tuning and performance in slow queries and application issues.
-Clusterware, CRS
-OCR: Oracle Cluster Register
-Migrate Oracle to Oracle(AWS RDS