Job Description :
. Net MVC UI SOA PL/SQL Developer
Albany, NY
24 Months
Job Description:
The goal of the MHARS Enhancement and Transformation (MET) project is to rewrite the Mental Health Automated Recording System (MHARS), an existing application built on an aging infrastructure and antiquated technologies, to ensure continuity of care for patients with mental health diagnosis.
Daily Tasks will include but are not limited to the following:
1. Execute full software development life cycle (SDLC)
2. Use Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 or higher and write code using MVC Architecture, .Net, JavaScript, Angular, Ajax, HTML, XML and WCF.
3. Prepare scripts to create and modify existing Oracle tables, create indexes, constraints, triggers, views, etc., code stored procedures and packages, convert and migrate data when necessary.
4. Diagnose and troubleshoot various rules, calculations, and data issues on application reports using Crystal Reports.
5. Mentor and assist other programmers, both state and consultant, providing guidance for debugging, troubleshooting, securing and deploying applications, data access, data communications and system architecture configurations.
6. Use a source code repository, such as Tortoise SVN or Visual SVN, or TFS for checking source code in and out, and branching off new versions of the source code.
7. Work within the IT Service Management System to take in incidents and service requests for the application, as well as request services from other ITS groups.
8. Coordinate service requests with various ITS Chief Operating Office personnel for releases and changes for the application.
9. Diagnose and debug production issues reported via ITSM. Escalate critical calls as necessary and join bridge calls to assist in diagnosis.
10. Report status of current tasks and outstanding issues to supervisor.

Candidates should have at least 84 months experience and a majority of the following should apply:
Each candidate should fill out the months of experience they have for each item in the table:
1. 84+ months Demonstrated experience using Microsoft Visual Studio to develop large enterprise with 2,500+ concurrent users n-tier web applications using ASP.NET MVC framework. #OF MONTHS 12
2. 84+ months Demonstrated experience developing and maintaining web applications that utilize modern client-side technologies such as HTML5, AJAX, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap and Cascading Style Sheets. #OF MONTHS 8
3. 84+ Months Demonstrated experience in developing and maintaining web applications that utilize modern backend technologies using C# and modern programming principles; Object-oriented, scalable, maintainable, single-responsibility and highest application security standards. #OF MONTHS 8
4. 84+ months Demonstrated experience with Oracle: Database design and modelling, fluent with PL/SQL coding and debugging, stored procedures, packages, indexes, triggers, creating tables, etc., including the use of a tool to write and test SQL code and manipulate data. #OF MONTHS 8
5. 84+ Months Demonstrated experience with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) application integration including development of secure .Net web-services using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), SOAP/Restful APIs, message and queue processing, and/or an Enterprise Service Bus. #OF MONTHS 8
6. 36 Months Demonstrated experience in ASP.Net Core MVC framework. #OF MONTHS 8
7. 48 months Demonstrated experience in interpreting Visual Basics 6 (VB6) code and structure. #OF MONTHS 8
8. 60 Months Demonstrated experience in automated unit testing, utilization of Git and Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010 or later, for development activities and code repositories #OF MONTHS 8
9. 60 Months Demonstrated experience interpreting, analyzing and extracting core use cases from complex business requirements and building the logic within an application''s code to meet those requirements. #OF MONTHS 8
10. 48 Months Demonstrated work experience coding and maintaining applications which contain Health Care data that fall under HIPAA Protected Health Information (PHI #OF MONTHS 4