Job Description :
. Net 3.5 WCF CSLA MVC Developer
Rensselaer, NY
24 Months
Job Description:
The Division of Juvenile Justice and Opportunities for Youth (DJJOY) Juvenile Justice Information System (JJIS) is a web-based application using .Net technology. It tracks juvenile justice youth through detention facilities (using the Juvenile Detention Automated System JDAS) into OCFS placement where they go through Intake, Residential, and CMSO (community multi-service office) programs and services, and also provides an automated financial/billing module. It includes a sub-system, the Automated Restraint Tracking System (ARTS), to track restraints at foster care voluntary agencies. During 2013 a new system has been added to support the Detention Risk Assessment Instrument (DRAIS This system provides support to local probation and social services departments to create the assessment online with information from the Office of Court Administration.
The schedule for 2019 to 2021 includes but is not limited to:
Implementation of phase 2 of the Raise the Age (RTA) legislation, which includes the following:
JJIS (Juvenile Justice Information System):
1. Billing: The NYS reimbursement rate is by county for RTA youth. We need to change the billing procedures to support this. This includes billing reports.
2. Support for county-based reimbursement rate: NYS reimburses 100% of the cost related to RTA except for those counties that are over their 2% cap. Our claim and billing modules need to take this into account

JDAS (Juvenile Detention Automated System):
1. Claim: The NYS reimbursement rate is by county for RTA youth. we need to change the claim procedures to support this. This includes reports.
2. Billing: RTA youth are not part of the bill.
3. STSJP: Add allocation and claim for STSJP for RTA.

Upgrade current platform for all systems to current Microsoft platform.
Automation of the Supervision and Treatment Services for Juvenile Program (STSJP) Plan submission process.
Enhancements to the education module to accommodate changes in the process.
New module for Quality Assurance Instruments that will allow DJJOY to improve their QA process.
New module for Ministerial services
Enhancements to the following modules:

o Youth Family Information
o Community Reentry plan
o Integrated Support Plan

This request is for a 24-month period. The impact of not approving this request is a lack of a resources dedicated to the full-time effort of creating the new components for all the DJJOY applications.

1. Work in coordination with a team of developers to expand the current system.
2. Work with Business Analyst on analysis and logical design.
3. Perform unit testing and correct all identified bugs.
4. Perform complex # coding in a CSLA and MVC environment.
5. Assist with responding to Juvenile Justice data requests.
6. The individual in this position will work under the direction of a Technical Lead/Project Manager.

Perform writing of complex stored procedures/triggers in an Oracle database utilizing PL/SQL

Candidates should have at least 84 months experience and a majority of the following should apply:
Each candidate should fill out the months of experience they have for each item in the table:
1. 84 months experience developing .net web applications #of months 10
2. 72 months experience developing applications utilizing .Net 3.5 or above. #of months 10
3. 72 months experience writing and developing Web Services or WCF. #of months 10
4. 72 months experience developing N-Tier applications. #of months 10
5. 36 months experience developing applications utilizing CSLA. #of months 10
6. 84 months experience with PL/SQL writing packages, stored procedures and triggers. #of months 10
7. 24 months experience with Team Foundation Server. #of months 5
8. 36 months experience utilizing Model View Controller (MVC) #of months 5
9. 48 months experience design & deployment of complex SQL objects and relational databases design. #of months 5
10. Bachelor’s Degree #of months 5