Job Description :
Must have 8 years of mainframe COBOL programming experience, must also have systems analysis and design experience.

Natural/Adabase/Cobol/DB2 Experienced candidates only.

EAD / Green Card / Citizens only

- No - OPT EAD /H1B

The programmer is the expert for a technical development or execution environment product or set of products. The primary responsibility of a Programmer is to ensure the availability and facilitate the productive use of a product for Application Teams or end users. The Programmer may own part of a product, all of one, or several products depending on the nature of the product(s) and their use. The Programmer requires significant to expert experience and skills in the product supported. The Programmer will usually also have significant experience in the operating environment(s) (e.g., HP/UX, NT, MVS, etc) on which the product is implemented.

Client : Direct Client