Job Description :
Job Title : Senior Engineer,Robotics (Machine Learning)
Location : Somerville, MA | Job Type:-Full Time
Salary:100,000 P.A. to $120,000 P.A.
-Design and implement grasp planning and execution systems based on visual sensing, and possibly on force sensing as well
-Utilize Deep Learning technology to develop systems that are capable of object detection and classification, relative pose estimation, segmentation, and control policy advice
-Integrate policy advice networks with planning and control systems
-Keep informed about new developments in the field of Deep Machine Learning
-3+ Experience must be require
-Experience with Deep Learning, including algorithms, and systems like Caffe, PyTorch, and TensorFlow
-Experience developing visual sensing systems for object detection and classification, and relative pose estimation
-Familiarity with Deep Learning techniques for grasp planning a plus
-Familiarity with Deep Reinforcement Learning a plus
-A degree in computer science or related field
-Expertise programming in Python, C++, and other languages like Matlab