Job Description :
1) Develop reusable transformations, mappings and mapplets using most transformations
(expression, sequence generator, lookup, aggregator, joiner, normalizer, router, filter, rank,
sorter, update strategy), Sessions, Worklets and Workflows
2) Conceptualize strategy and design the workflows execution to maintain data integrity
3) Design, develop and schedule Informatica workflows
4) Redesign ETL (existing workflows) execution to optimize performance
5) Perform SQL performance tuning and cut down application data refresh time through
optimized schedule
6) Develop Jobs, Job Plans and Events to automate the Informatica workflows and Oracle jobs
through UC4
7) Migrated all conventional schedules across the platforms to the unified scheduling UC4 tool
8) Create shell scripts to invoke Informatica workflows through PMCMD and Oracle jobs
through UC4 scheduler
9) Lead Informatica version upgrade from version 9.5 to 10.2
10) Validate and remediate all the migrated objects to the latest version 10.2
11) Enable FTP process from the upstream applications to the new Informatica 10.2 server

Client : Confidential