Job Description :
The full stack developer joins an existing scrum team, assisting with feature-level development of user stories. Development includes implementation of business logic in a RESTful service layer, and presentation of that data via a mobile-friendly Angular web app. Significant unit testing is expected, and code should be designed for loose coupling. Integrations will include schedulers, REST-based integration to Python services, RabbitMQ-based message passing to external applications, and multiple JDBC-based database integrations (for both relational and NoSQL databases), with most deployments being containerized cloud implementations.

The production optimization team builds various workflows, primarily time-series based charts which monitor well and reservoir characteristics. The team is based in The Woodlands, TX, near Houston.

Skills: Expert level development skills in Java, including strong comfort with unit testing, deployment, object-oriented design, and enterprise scale development patterns.
Senior level Java development via Spring Boot
Practitioner level Angular 4+ UI development
Strong unit testing ability, test-oriented separation of concerns
12-factor application architecture object design
Message-based architecture (RabbitMQ or GCP pub/sub)
Source control & work item tracking (i.e. TFS over git)
Cloud-based infrastructure experience (especially Docker, GCP)