Job Description :
Work with other members of a planning team to develop a prototype plan for an enterprise system that will process millions of records per day, including what key features system users require in the system as well as integration strategies to update existing systems that will transition into the new system build down the road
Develop modules of the initial enterprise system plan and work with the development team by coding advanced portions of the modules and delegating routine coding to junior Java developers
Conduct the testing of completed code modules with the help of junior Java developers, fixing code as needed to ensure a smooth system deployment with the intended functionality
Plan and execute all deployment of system features and monitor for successful integration, maintaining the system throughout its lifecycle
Build, test and support various desktop applications at the request of the business support department
Recommend software solutions to emerging needs in banking functionality and report ability
Advanced experience in Java and Java Applets in the enterprise development process
Web programming and user interface design experience
Excellent communication and delegation skills

Client : Nityo Infotech