Job Description :
Java Developer Charlotte,NC W2

Job Description:
-Minimum skills - Java 7 years, Python 3 years, Demonstrated experience with Java Spring Boot

-Proficient skills in Java, Spring Boot, Jquery, DataTables and HighCharts.

-Experience with Databases MYSQL and Oracle.

-Demonstrable skills writing and delivering best-practice documentation and solution documents are a necessity.

-Demonstrable leadership skills such as managing time, managing meetings and verbal communication skills are a must

o Developers Will not be writing a new application, will rewrite current app into Java.

o It's infrastructure application – little more unique.

Ideal high level skills needed:


§ Agile

§ Java React

§ Angular

§ *Need to know how to talk to a Database. Don't have to be DBA, but should have that skill set to query the DB

§ Understanding of Architecture is good and how to design with in Wells standards

§ Would like a more Modern Web Design – any Front end UI experience to make the app visually appealing would be good. (could have 1 resource stronger in Front in UI to help, but the rest should be true Java)

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