Job Description :
-knowledge and experience with Microservices architectures and object oriented analysis and design
- Expert in design and development of RESTful APIs using JAX-RS and JSON
- Experience in design and development using Spring, Spring Boot and Spring Cloud application
Experience working on legacy Java EE / JMS based systems
- Experience in performing technical assessment of current state of legacy systems. Knowledge on transforming a legacy monolithic application to a microservice based application
- Preparing Technology & Business Roadmap for Microservices Transformation
- Experience working with containers, Docker, Kubernetes or other container schedulers
- Demonstrated Cluster Management knowledge and experience using platforms including
- Docker Swarm, Kubernetes or Apache Mesos- Demonstrated knowledge and experience with System integrations using messaging including or similar to Kafka / RabbitMQ
- Strong understanding of DevOps, CI/CD (Jenkins), VCS (Git) and build (Gradle) systems
- Solid understanding of the API management and gateway solution
- Experience with any cloud provider (AWS, Cloud Foundry etc)
- Work experience in any NoSQL database (MongoDB, Cassandra etc)

Client : CLIENT