Job Description :
Senior Full Stack Developer – Responsibilities Delivering a complete solution from front-end to back-end application. Ensuring high application quality and performance Create Unit Tests and participate in code reviews to ensure code quality and distribute knowledge Work with the release coordination team in deploying application code to different environments. Work may occasionally require unusual hours (evenings / weekends) Help the support team triage bugs and troubleshoot production issues as soon as they are identified, what may occasionally require unusual hours (evenings/weekends) Create software documentation and update existing documents Participate actively/follow Agile / Scrum development methodology daily standups, poker planning (development estimation), tasking, etc.

Skills and Qualifications:
Be open to work in an Agile environment Experience with Scrum framework is a plus
Excellent communication skills Be able to discuss, interact and propose solutions to product owners, stakeholders and team members
Front end and Back end development experience
Creation of prototypes from ideas and mockups from wire frames PWA Progressive Web Apps experience is a plus
HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript ES6 Angular Framework 4+ Java experienced
NodeJS is a plus Interfacing with Restful APIs
Experience with GraphQL is a plus
Test-Driven Development Experience with automation scripting Selenium Framework
JavaScript or Java Experience with Protractor framework is a plus