Job Description :
InfoSphere DB2 LUW
Albany, NY
24 Months

Job Description:

Responsible for expert analysis, support, development, reengineering, and implementation of multiple business applications. Support is required for specific programming languages (COBOL, SQL, and Java), for specific DBMS'' (DB2 for z/OS, DB2 for LUW, IDMS), and using specific technologies (MQ Series, CICS, Sort, JCL, VSAM, AQT, DBI performance tools, ERwin, TSO/ISPF, Data Studio, z/OS, AIX, IBM Data Replication
Provide performance analysis and tuning, troubleshooting, capacity planning, benchmark design.
Implement backup and recovery strategies, and phased implementation/conversion planning for new and converted applications.
Design methodologies for data synchronization from operational data stores to a data warehouse across multiple database platforms and varied DBMS''.
Planning, interfacing, and usage between application databases, data warehouse, Cognos, Identity Systems, Vality, Finalist, and WebSphere Commerce.
Act as liaison between Data Management, business customers, and application development staff to ensure that recommended performance considerations are included in reviews, designs, development, and implementation of applications.
Proven experience in utilizing database structures, application methodologies, and coding techniques resulting in cost efficient and timely solutions to the strategic business requirements.
Serve as a subject matter expert on Department of Taxation and Finance Application systems (e.g., Returns Processing, Taxpayer Identification for fraud prevention, Imaging, reciprocity applications between Federal and State agencies (SWOP, FROP, LOP, IFTA), electronic filing, Withholding Tax

Skill Matrix:
84 Months experience in administration and support of IBM’s InfoSphere Data Replication software to replicate data between databases on DB2 for z/OS and DB2 LUW on AIX (ver 9.5 or higher) including the setup, configuration and maintenance of InfoSphere SQL Replication using its Capture and Apply processes for data synchronization between platforms supporting 24/7 high volume transactional processing databases.
84 months administering DB2 LUW on AIX including the use of PureXML and Database Partitioning Feature and including the traditional DBA tasks of design, tuning, storage management, memory/buffering, backup/recovery and object maintenance. The experience must be on both high-volume transactional systems and analytical systems and involve data purging and roll off, data movement and the shredding natively-stored XML data to flattened structures.
84 months administering and performance tuning of IBM WebSphere Commerce software. (Note: This is not WebSphere Application Server) and include performance tuning of the database and the applications developed to utilize Commerce se as well as capacity and throughput planning for these systems in a 24/7 transactional environment.
84 months administering and performance tuning IBM InfoSphere Identity Insight software. and must include performance tuning of the database and the applications developed to utilize Identity Insight as well as capacity and throughput planning for these systems in a 24/7 transactional environment.
84 months of programming experience using Computer Associates IDMS database, programming for an IDMS database using its DML language as well as logical design, database navigation, analysis, writing application specifications, testing, documentation.
84 months as an application developer using COBOL and DB2, including all phases of the system development life cycle including application design, development, testing, quality assurance / quality control for online (CICS/APS) and batch processing, in 24/7 transactional environments for high-volume/high-risk returns processing applications.
84 months working in federal, state, or municipal tax administration as an application team lead, including the oversight of high volume and high risk applications utilizing Web interfaces, CICS(APS) components and batch processing.