Job Description :
Experienced on IBM BPM 8+, 8.5 + versions
Deployments - Setup build and deployment pipelines, resolving builds/deployments pipeline issues.
Configurations on the build and deployment pipelines, BPM/Websphere Server level, etc
Troubleshoot issues with developers in local designers like BPM Process Designer (PD), Integration Designer (IID), Unit Test Environment/server (UTE)
Troubleshoot infrastructure issues, like JVM hangs, slowness, environment specific issues with applications like, endpoint connections, db connections, failures,etc.
Troubleshoot issues with devOps implementation, scripts, application related issues, PMRs, follow ups, server related issues, like missing filesystem, full filesystems, resource issues, patching issues
Production support with Business reported issue like slowness, unresponsiveness, Batch jobs issues, bpd/bpel instance failures, debugging
Handling/Support on BPM events, triggers, schedulers, handling BPM workitems/instances/tasks failures/resuming, BPM internal caching strategy
BPM Alerts Deployments, tuning, Process Applications configurations like modifications to events, environmental variables, etc
Coordinate with application/development team for environment build promotions/deployments, testing, release schedules etc.
Taking care of changes with different teams on manage/implementing cumulative fixes/patching for BPM/WEbsphere Server, security fixes, certificate expirations, etc
Write monitoring scripts and setting up monitoring tools, dashboards for applications, servers, etc
Application related scripting for batch jobs, processing, Scripting for infra tasks, changes to BPM product XML files like 100Custom.xml, 99Local.xml files, etc
Automation on admin activities like deployment/process to no to minimal intervention SDLC
Devops with enterprise standarads
Should help in opening new opportunities.
Previous experience with tools, DevOps, Splunk, Source control and versioning tools (Git, TFS): Preferred
Keeps up to date with best practices, expert on performance tuning/improvements on the server
Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, or equivalent work experience