Job Description :
SAP Techno/Functional Payroll Consultant
Duration: 3 months +extensions
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Rate: Market+expenses

Location: TN
Summary: The client is a large energy organization that is looking for a Techno/Functional Payroll consultant to help them out with development activity for their integration project.
Responsibilities: Currently the client is seeking a high-level techno-functional consultant who can come in and help them out. This client has a functional team that helps create functional specs and give the functionalities. However, they need a technical payroll consultant who understands the technical details behind it. With that being said, this person should also have enough knowledge on the functional side where they can communicate with the functional team and tell them what’s under the hood and what needs to be fixed. This person should also be able to complete development fast and help the functional team understand what table fields should be used, what the needs are, why they are doing tax rates manually, etc. In order for this person to be a good fit, they must know how payroll works and have worked on 401k integration before.
This individual must be functional enough to communicate with the functional team, but also technical enough to be able to do the development activities. The client would like this consultant to be 30% functional and 70% technical. Currently, this client is using Fidelity with all integration where they send information out, they are also working with a third-party vendor. With that being said, this person must have experience developing them and bringing that knowledge, while building technical specs. The consultant chosen should know how to build 401k and integrations before and understand how payroll works. It would be extremely ideal if this individual has built integrations into fidelity.

Client : Confidential