Job Description :
Job Description:

We are looking for Professional Certified Google Cloud Architects that can help with:

Designing a solution infrastructure that meets business requirements. Considerations include:

Business use cases and product strategy, cost optimization, supporting the application design & integration, success metrics (e.g., Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Return on Investment (ROI), metrics)

Compliance and observability. Should have an understanding of high availability and failover design, the elasticity of cloud resources, scalability to meet growth requirements, integration with on-premises/multi-cloud environments

Cloud native networking (VPC, peering, firewalls, container networking), storage system structure (e.g., Object, File, RDBMS, NoSQL, NewSQL) mapping compute needs to platform products, extending to on-premise (hybrid networking),

extending to a multi-cloud environment which may include GCP to GCP communication, security, DLP, infrastructure provisioning technology configuration (e.g. Chef/Puppet/Ansible/Terraform), container orchestration (e.g. Kubernetes)

Identity and Access Management (IAM), Resource hierarchy (organizations, folders, projects), legislation (e.g., Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Children?s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), etc

audits (including logs) certification (e.g., Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework), Software Development Lifecycle Plan (SDLC) continuous integration / continuous deployment, business continuity and disaster recovery, application development,

API best practices, testing frameworks (load/unit/integration), data and system migration tooling, Interacting with Google Cloud using GCP SDK (gcloud, gsutil and bq QA&QC in the GCP environment.