Job Description :
FlexNet Integrating Consultant/(592379)
Dimondale, MI
5 Months

Short Description:
To support State of Michigan (SOM), Software Asset Management and Optimization (SAMO) activities, DTMB is planning to upgrade the Flexera FlexNet Management Suite application and integrate with BMC Atrium CMDB utilizing System Center Configuration Manage

Complete Description:
The SAMO Program’s FlexNet Management Suite application currently collects hardware and software discovery information from approximately 56,000 computers and 5,500 servers (physical and virtual), through interfaces with Microsoft SCCM, FlexNet beacons and agents, and BMC Discovery (formerly ADDM Microsoft user-license information is provided through an Office 365 Connector. The current running version is FlexNet 2017 R3 on Windows 2012 Server R2, with Java 1.6 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

The consultant(s) will work closely with technical teams in the SOM, Department of Technology Management and Budget (DTMB), Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) to perform the system upgrades, integrate with BMC Atrium CMDB following state standards and providing an accurate software asset management lifecycle system. This will include management and coordination of software installations and upgrades, creation and updates of technical documentation, and implementation of system administration.

Integrating FlexNet with Microsoft SCCM Required 3 Years
Integrating FlexNet with BMC Discovery Required 3 Years
Integrating FlexNet with BMC Atrium CMDB Required 3 Years
Deploying FlexNet agents in distributed server environments, including Windows, Solaris, and Linux Required 3 Years
Integrating FlexNet with Office 365 online portal Required 2 Years
Integrating FlexNet with Adobe Admin Console Required 2 Years
Managing license inventory and compliance reconciliation for products including Microsoft, Oracle Database, IBM, Adobe Required 3 Years

Question 1
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Question 3
For any potential candidate in need of work authorization/verification, please be advised that by order of the SOM Attorney General’s office – CAI and suppliers cannot request letters from the State of Michigan, and SOM managers cannot and will not sign any supplier letter(s) directly. If you require a template letter with engagement specifications for any potential H1 filing(s), please contact the CAI Contract Managers. Do you accept this requirement?
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