Job Description :
Job Title: Embedded Developer

Contract: Length: 1+ year

Location: Denver, CO

Hourly Rate: Open (DOE)

Job Description:

Our Client’s Technology and Innovation team is looking for an embedded developer well versed in the technologies used
to build and ship consumer router platforms. The candidate’s primary focus will be rapidly prototyping features and
functionality on router software stack (e.g. OpenWRT/OpenSync) with expansion into other areas over time.

The successful candidate will be experienced in a broad range of technology disciplines including IP networking, cloud
compute platforms, and modern Linux operating systems. Additionally, the candidate should have experience with cross-compilation toolchains, client-server communication frameworks (MQTT/XMPP), and projects with a large, existing code

Major Duties and Responsibilities

· Prototype features in an OpenWRT + OpenSync platform using C / C++ / Python

· Work with internal teams to understand business requirements and develop technical solutions

· Research and evaluate open source and/or third-party tools to meet technical requirements

· Troubleshoot and diagnose issues using a variety of tools (strace/gdb/etc)

· Integrate vendor board support packages and software development kits with our firmware and build system

Required Qualifications

· Practical experience with developing features for DD-WRT, OpenWRT/PRPL, or Tomato

· Experience with embedded open source software (uci, ubus, etc

· Strong debugging, troubleshooting, and performance-tuning skills

· Programming experience for both user and kernel space in C / C++.

· Experience with the creation of packages - ideally Opkg or RPM

· Experience standing up cross-compilers and build environments for bootstrapping development

· Understanding of modern transport / messaging protocols

Preferred Qualifications

· Linux kernel development experience

· Experience with the OpenSync CPE framework

· Knowledge of the Xmidt device communication platform