Job Description :
ETL Developer (DataStage/SSIS)
Birmingham AL/Chevy Chase MD
6+ Months Contract

Job Description:
Summary of Qualifications
5 years of programming experience and Bachelor''s degree
Superior knowledge of and experience using programming languages, platforms, and data structure
Excellent analytical thinking skills with experience in identifying, scrutinizing, improving, and streamlining complex work processes
Superior knowledge of and experience applying application software development methodologies
Excellent research, decision-making and judgment skills
Experience in a position problem solving and working independently
Experience in a position communicating with all levels of associates and managers
Experience in a position requiring technical writing, editing, and proofreading
Experience effectively prioritizing and juggling multiple concurrent projects
Experience motivating, mobilizing, and coaching associates/peers
Experience relating to others, inspiring others to participate, and mitigating conflict
In depth knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL)
Excellent DB2/Z/OS knowledge, including table structure and relationships, and load utilities
Experience leading agile development teams is preferred
Training or experience with ETL development is preferred
Knowledge or experience with Data Warehouse concepts is preferred
Knowledge or experience in healthcare industry is preferred
Additional Requirements:
Design and develop applications using IBM InfoSphere DataStage (Designer, Director, and Administrator) [v11.x] and Quality Stage [v11.x].
Develop ETL code to load the Enterprise Data Warehouses using relational databases (DB2 Z/OS and MS SQL Server) applying transformations and business rules as defined in requirements.
Integrate data from multiple sources (MQ, IBM Mainframe Z/OS, XML, flat files, unstructured data, DB2 Z/OS, MS SQL Server, etc to staging tables.
Load dimension and fact tables from staging tables into the data warehouse structures such as star schema and snowflake schema data marts as well as de-normalized tables.
Understand dimensional data modeling – star schema and snowflake schema.
Perform data discovery and data quality using SQL query and IBM Quality Stage.
Perform data profiling using IBM Information Analyzer and SQL against relational databases.
Write shared containers, jobs, routines, and sequences to create an end to end DataStage ETL framework.
Design parallel ETL jobs using various stages like Transformer, Join, Merge, Lookup, Remove duplicates, Filter, Dataset, Complex flat file, Modify, Aggregator, XML.
Design server ETL jobs using various types of stages like Sequential file, ODBC, Hashed file, Aggregator, Transformer, Sort, Link Partitioner and Link Collector.
Monitor ETL job runs using DataStage Director to track the job flow.
Work performance tuning and enhancements in DataStage jobs to meet desired SLA.
Perform troubleshooting of code and data issues. Understand and analyze the issue and then work the fix and data recovery using DataStage and DBMS tools as appropriate.
Construct complex SQL queries to extract the data from DB2 and SQL Server using multiple joins and analytical functions for data analysis and testing.
Decipher complex SQL queries provided by business users to derive business rules and requirements for ETL.
Develop re-usable components in DataStage to help reducing manual work/cost.
Implement change data capture (CDC) and slowly changing dimensions using DataStage to complete full load refresh or delta loads.
Use GIT/Bitbucket source management software for DataStage code version control.
Deploy code into Production and QA Environment following established procedures.