Job Description :
Position: EDI Cobol DeveloperLocation: Kennewick, WADuration: 6+ months# of Positions: 5-7Job Description:1.1 Proposed Scope1.1.1 Upgrade the existing EDI infrastructure (hardware, software, functionality, featuresnbsp;o Complete the EDI software upgrade, data migration, and platform alignment (dev + prod and fail overimplementation ASI resource will need to have experience with COBOL, JCL, VSE, and Visual Basic programminglanguagesnbsp; ? EDI resource will need to understand and have a deep working knowledge of the following:o The EDI platformo Transaction mappingo AS2o Trading partner set upo EDI communication methodso Scheduling activitieso Implement IX reporting tool within the software - test, validate, and train end users o Set-up of non-EDI business partners that wish to trade with or are required to trade with LWo AS2 functionality – includes moving 15-20 IBM supported partners to AS2 Complete o Relocate approximately 60 zipped files from LW01 to the new EDI server (reconfigure command filesnbsp; 1.1.2 Decouple transactions from the Mainframe schedule o Decouple from the Mainframe schedule as well as develop the new outbound EDI transactions? EDI: Configure new scheduling/triggering functionality in the EDI software ? EDI: Update the EDI jobs and processes in the EDI software ? EDI: 100+ command file changes ? EDI: Assess RUNHQ command file, remediate, and retire  ? ASI: Incorporate executables that run within command files under the ASI platform (i.e. dry supply, HAVI,Salesforce orders from distributorsnbsp;? ASI: Review all EDI JCL  1.1.3 Expand current EDI transaction types, trading partners, and increase volume o Implement new inbound transaction types - 810, 855, 856, 860 o Implement new inbound ocean series transaction types - 301, 310, 315 o Implement new outbound transaction types - 832, 865 o Implement new outbound ocean series transaction type - 300  1.1.4 Clear EDI backlogon hold requestsnbsp;o Approximately 38 backlogged requests – trading partners, transaction types, etcnbsp;  1.1.5 Incorporate the SAP GTS and ECC transactions into the EDI HQ platformnbsp;o GTS: Resource needs to be familiar with iDOCs – 824 and 601 transaction types o ECC: Resource needs to be familiar with the 810, 850, 860 transactions 1.2 Additional Company and Project BackgroundPlease see Exhibit A – EDI Expansion Background for additional information on the project. Please note that thiswas an assessment and recommendation of LW’s current EDI environment conducted in March 2018.1.3 Implementation TimelineLW would like the work to be completed by 12/31/2019.1.4 Project LocationThe project team will work in Lamb Weston’s Kennewick, WA corporate offices.1.5 Estimated Resource RequirementsThis section describes LW’s estimated resource requirements for this project. Please use this as a guide to yourresponse.1.5.1 Existing Resources: Upgrade EDI Environment  o Total VM builds = 4  o Application servers - 2  o Database servers - 2 o Disaster Recovery (DR) to be implemented within the 1EDIHQ software and could require 2 additional serversdepending on design recommendation 1.5.2 New Resources: Decouple from the Mainframe EDI transactions are run through ASI and will need to be remapped, command files changed, and fully tested to supportdecoupling from the Mainframe schedulenbsp;o ASI Resource estimates for the following: ? Assist with decoupling from the Mainframe: 500 hours ? Development, mapping, and testing of the new 300 series transactions: 160 hours ? Development of the new 856 ASN transaction: 520 hours  o Design work: 160 hours o Testing: 360 hours  o EDI Resource estimates for the following: ? Assist with decoupling from the Mainframe: 500 hours o Review all EDIHQ jobs and processes for changes o Replace the entire RUNHQ command file with new triggers in software o Review and possible change multiple command files o Test, deploy, and monitor all changes (transactionsnbsp;? Internal EDI tasks: 300 hours o Legacy clean up (i.e. remove transactions no longer traded, but processing is still intertwinednbsp;o Retiring processes from EDI, reassigned to ASI (i.e. dry supplynbsp;o Move archive location per SAD (i.e. 33+ command file changes)Please send your resume to /reach me at